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Looking for Adult Hosting? Here you’ll find anything you need to know to find a hosting company that suits your needs! Below you’ll find our concise list. Do you want to see the comprehensive list?

This is our top list for hosting your porn website and adult content! Each of these companies allow adult content on their shared hosting plans. Do you want to get more serious or do already have loads of traffic? Then you might consider using a VPS hosting plan. Also make sure to look at our listing for VPS hosting for porn.

Cheers to a Healthy & Prosperous New Year to all you online Adult Entrepreneurs!

We share with you our experts list on major SEO TIPS that will help you rank your website! We play by the rules and therefore provide you with 100% White Hat SEO strategies. This list is regularly updated because the way you need to optimize your website should be improved in time over and over again!

  • Make your website mobile friendly!
  • Use markup on your pages to generate rich snippets in search results.
  • Improve the loading speed of the website! Keep the loading times as short as possible.
    • Optimize images (reduce size per device)
    • For great performance in regards to loading speed, pick a good webhosting plan! Preferably a VPS plan for adult content.
  • Use Open Graph markup for better snippets and sharing on social media.

Some great testing tools for (Adult) SEO

VPS is short for Virtual Private Server. Using VPS is your next step (after shared hosting) in web hosting services. Once you start reaching your limits in regards of availability of your website, loading speed or accessibility of functions you’ll definitely need to switch to VPS. Because you don’t want your web hosting environment limiting the growth of your online business.

Advantages of VPS hosting

  • Server power and availibility
  • Larger bandwidth and diskspace
  • You can configure anything on your own server
  • Many VPS hosting plans are easily scalable.
  • Many VPS plans offer 24/7 support
  • Some companies allow adult content on their VPS plans, while not on their shared hosting plans

When to switch to VPS hosting?

First you should be aware that page loading speeds are key for your ranking in search engines AND user friendliness. When you have loads of traffic on your shared hosting plan it will dramatically affect the page loading time of your website. This is because It is our expert opinion that this is one of the most important motivations to switch to a VPS plan.

But there are also other important factors like scalability and configurability. We list the motivations to switch to a VPS Web Hosting plan below in order of importance.

Switch to VPS when you:

  1. need more bandwidth
  2. the server you are on is slow
  3. need more disk space
  4. need to install specific software that is not included in your shared hosting plan
  5. need to customize the configuration for a specific app
  6. your application uses a lot of resources
  7. want to do more than just serving a website
  8. have more control over your webhosting environment.

So, you’re considering online porn, right? After you created a plan for your business you need to lay the foundation of your digital services. You’ll need web hosting to create your website. And maybe you’ll also be needing special hosting services to stream videos for your future customers.

…not many hosting companies allow you to have sexual, erotic nor any other explicit content on your website…

Not only do you need reliable and fast hosting, you also want to make sure your hosting company allows you to have adult content on your website. Because sooner or later you’ll find out that not many hosting companies allow you to have sexual, erotic nor any other explicit content on your website.

Which hosting companies allow adult hosting?

There is no need to search the entire internet for suitable hosting for your business since we already created the best listing for you! Here you’ll find the list. This list is being regularly updated and offers you the best prices! We also recommend you sign up for our newsletter to stay tuned for the latest hosting deals.

Adult streaming?

Based on our many years of experience we highly recommend you to use dedicaded streaming services to deliver high quality porn video to your customers. So do not spend time and money to integrate video scripts to your hosting.

  • Shared hosting usually will not allow video scripts
  • Video scripts will not give the desired high quality performance

When you use dedicaded video streaming services you don’t need to worry about updating your scripts, video quality. But above all it is much easier to use and integrate on your website! Please see our up to date list of adult streaming services right here!

Growing your online adult business

If your website is getting more traffic and you start making more and more sales you might consider using VPS hosting services. More traffic on your website means a higher demand of your web hosting server. Often with regular (shared) hosting the capacity is limited. So if your server gets multiple requests it eventually will result in longer loading times. Not only is this bad for the user experience of your visitors, nowadays page loading speed is an important ranking factor for Google! Read more on page loading speed.

Use VPS for higher performance

The capacity of your web server will get more important as your traffic grows. To avoid a huge drop in performance it is important to timely switch to VPS. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and offers high availability. VPS is considered your next step in growing your online business. Read more on VPS hosting.